Access management

The safety of your systems starts with a clear and consistent access management. We provide clarity at the gates. 


Identity management

A watertight and reliable identity management is needed to ensure the safety of all your data. We help you creating the right conditions.


Federated identity management

We help you choose the right federation techniques for your business. Our goal is to increase your IT efficiency, reduce your administration costs and address your policy compliance needs.


Privileged accounts management

Your privileged and shared identities are the most powerful in the organization. Ironically, privileged accounts management often doesn't get the attention it needs. We help you to gain control over the "keys of the Kingdom".


SecurIT a company with an Identity and Access Management focus

SecuIT is the market leading systems integrator in the Identity Access Management space in Europe, primarily using IBM Security Identity Manager and IBM Security Access Manager; complemented with its  own software products (TrustBuilder - User Authentication and D-Man - Network Monitoring tool). In addition, the company has a worldwide partner network to sell and support its security software solutions to large organizations. 

Over time the company has built an unrivalled skills set in this challenging domain, combined with methods and tools to guarantee successful and timely projects realization. Its products play a key role in the Security Infrastructure at some of the largest institutions across the world. 


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