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Identity and access management (IAM) done right, could be a key catalyst in building a successful business in the era of digital transformation. IAM addresses the needs to ensure appropriate access to resources across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments, and to meet increasingly compliance requirements. IAM as a security practice is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise. It is increasingly business-aligned and in addition to technical expertise, requires business skills.

There are multiple components in an IAM system such as provisioning (or on-boarding), accounts management, identity governance, identification (or authentication), access control (or authorization) and identity federation. IAM is a broad area, hence these components can be further divided into specific sub-components. For instance, provisioning alone focuses on inbound/outbound provisioning of user accounts, just-in-time provisioning, approval workflows  while  accounts management talks about privileged accounts management, credential management, users/groups/roles management.

It can be a lot, and overwhelming. Luckily, SecurIT has 20+ years of experience in designing and implementing IAM-solutions!

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