September 02, 2021

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the practice of giving users with elevated permission levels access to corporate systems. These are usually people who hold senior roles and have responsibility for the company’s financial assets, intellectual capital, personal customer or employee information, and other critical data. These accounts are high-value targets for cybercriminals. 

Audit Results

In this use case, the client underwent a vendor audit and we found it was not up to par. SecurIT immediately implemented PAM session management in order to isolate the endpoint and the server environment.

The Solution

By restricting privileges through isolation functionality, it was possible to prevent malware, control who accesses the company systems and stop the malware from being executable. Access was limited to the server and two to five servers to the applications, with a proxy in between. We integrated the solution into the method of working on the customer side.


From the administrative standpoint, doing this correctly made it easier for end-users to manage the environment, as many routine tasks were automated. With security as one of the biggest challenges, this method made it safer to use and easier to manage. That’s because one of the advantages of session management is that you go into the PAM tool, you click an item, and you get access to the target system without having to enter in your username and password, which are cumbersome. This is one of the
great features of Thycotic. In addition to this, this solution is easier to implement and manage, which ultimately saves the customer money. Finally, when compared to many of its competitors, it is typically less expensive to own.

Risk Mitigation

Our solution locked down local admin privileges on endpoint machines, provided robust application controls to properly secure application privileges, and also provides attestation all in order to help organizations meet industry mandates.

Identity + Access Management Case Study

July 12, 2021
Identify and Access Management (IAM) is the process of giving people with authorized digital identities different