Flemish Authorities

The Flemish Authorities controls Flanders, which is the northern federated state of Belgium, with Brussels as its capital and about six million inhabitants. Its legislative and executive powers include broad and exclusive domestic and international responsibilities.


Credoc is the IT arm of the Belgian Notary Federation. In the last couple of years, Credoc has been redefining itself as a leading software development organization specializing in applying the latest technology to business applications and e-government.

SD Worx

As a European HR service provider SD Worx operates from 38 offices spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. Twenty-two other countries are covered by the Payroll Services Alliance, a joining of forces between the main European players involved in payroll operations

KBC Bank & Insurances

KBC Group N.V., is one of the major companies and the second largest bancassurer in Belgium. It is the 18th largest bank in Europe (by market capitalisation) and a major financial player in Central and Eastern Europe. KBC is a universal multi-channel bank, focusing on private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides retail banking,insurance and asset management activities, KBC is active in European debt capital markets, domestic cash equity markets and in the field of corporate banking, leasing, factoring, reinsurance, private equity and project and trade finance in Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe

Honda Europe

Honda Motor Europe Logistics was established in 1978 as a subsidiary of Honda Motor Corporation in Japan. Located in the Ghent harbour, Honda Motor Europe Logistics has been the logistics centre of Honda in Europe for more than 30 years now.


Eurocontrol supports the EC member states to achieve safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly air traffic operations across the European region, working together with all aviation partners to deliver a Single European Sky that will help to meet the safety, capacity and performance challenges of European aviation in the 21st century.


Electrabel sells electricity, natural gas and energy services. The company offers its customers energy solutions with added value and a customized service.


Belfius Bank is an autonomous Belgian banking and insurance group wholly owned by the Belgian federal state. Belfius Bank & Insurance is, above all, a local bank, collecting savings deposits and investments via its distribution networks in Belgium. It then re-invests these funds into the society in the form of loans to individuals (mainly mortgage loans), the self-employed, small and medium-sized enterprises and the liberal professions, corporates and, in particular, public and social institutions.

Center Parcs

Center Parcs Europe operates 20 holiday parks in Europe, offering luxury holiday cottages set in the most beautiful natural environments of France,The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

BNP Paribas Fortis

BNP Paribas Fortis offers a comprehensive package of financial services for private individuals, the self-employed, professionals, small enterprises and public organisations. We also serve wealthy individuals, corporations and public and financial institutions.