Why eHerkenning?

eHerkenning is a standardised login system which enables organisations to make their services accessible online and securely to companies, civil servants and consumers. Users log in to a web service using their eHerkenning token, which allows them to manage their affairs online. eHerkenning will check whether the person who is utilising a service is actually who he says he is, but also whether this person is authorised to act.

This means that organisations always know who they are dealing with and whether that person is authorised to act. The certified suppliers of eHerkenning provide this security at different levels of assurance.

The (Dutch) government is increasingly choosing to make services available via eHerkenning. It is no wonder that the list of organizations that offer eHerkenning as an authentication tool is growing day by day, and with it the importance of eHerkenning for companies is growing as well. By connecting to eHerkenning, you make it easier for entrepreneurs to use your services.

What other advantages does eHerkenning offer?
– Certainty about the online identity: By connecting to eHerkenning you make services safely accessible online for entrepreneurs. You get more certainty about the online identity of your customer. So you are always sure that you are doing business with the right people.
– Reduced costs through standardization: the eHerkenning system offers you a safe, reliable service based on standards, so that integration costs remain low.
– Ready for European use: The European eIDAS regulation states that organizations with a public task must accept the European recognized login means for their digital services. A connection to an eHerkenning broker makes this possible.

What can SecurIT offer you
Connecting your organization to the eHerkenning network involves a number of steps. SecurIT could help your organization with:

– Determining the reliability level: When determining the reliability level, it is important to look at what kind of services your organization offers to entrepreneurs. Depending on this classification, it can be determined what certainty you want for the identity of the customer. The reliability level may differ per service offered.
Connecting and testing the initial connection: We can help you create the compulsory service catalog and connect to the eHerkenning system. It is important to handle the information provided by the eHerkenning system securely during an authentication process. In example, you have to think about if saving attributes is allowed in the context of the GDPR legislation. 
– Maintaining your connection to the eHerkenning system: After the initial connection has been set up, your connection will have to be updated regularly to new versions of the eHerkenning system. This keeps your connection up to date and your organization can make use of new functionalities that become available in the system.

At SecurIT we integrate an authentication tool such as eHerkenning with an Access Management solution. In this way, the resource is available for all applications within your organization.

Would you like more information about your connection to eHerkenning, our experiences with these connections or more about Access Management?

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If you are a (semi-) government organization and / or a private organization, you do online business with entrepreneurs, and are situated in the Netherlands, join eHerkenning now!

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