The CEO of SecurIT, Rob Bus, announced that the company’s current General Manager/Vice President of North America Kent McKown was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President of SecurIT effective the 1st of May.

Previously, Kent has played a vital role in the recent acquisition of PSG and the follow-on integration into SecurIT. In his new role, Kent will focus on the day-to-day operation on both continents working with the VP/General Manager in Europe, Ricardo Kowsoleea, and the VP Global Business Development, Terrah Carawan.

Regarding the appointment, SecurIT CEO Rob Bus said: “Kent’s appointment will further allow me to focus on the strategic direction of the company, key clients, partnerships and strategic alliances and investor relations. Kent will specifically focus on the development and execution of the business plan; working with the leadership team to ensure cohesiveness, traction and values alignment throughout the global organization. Kent and I will also work collaboratively on all leadership and strategic matters of SecurIT.”

Before his most recent position, Kent has led five growth companies as CEO/COO/President. Kent was responsible for clarifying vision and setting the strategic direction to ensure the consistent profit growth and risk reduction; developing a reliable leadership team with the right mix of abilities that shared similar values; and creating visibility of critical measurements to ensure traction, cadence, and accountability. Kent’s past successes have been primarily a result of an organization consistent of a committed team with shared values with a sincere desire to grow themselves and their clients. Significant growth in profits and revenue were a result of these significant achieved initiatives.

Kent earned a Bachelor of Arts from the Citadel and a Bachelor of Business Administration – from National University. He previously served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps and resigned his commission as a Captain in 1992.

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