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There are countless factors to consider when building an Identity and Access Management program today. For example, industry regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and others will put parameters around how your data can be accessed, stored, and used. Defining controls around data at rest versus data in motion, data from internal applications versus mobile or third-party, data stored on-prem versus in the cloud—all require an informed and thoughtful approach that accounts for a variety of if/then scenarios.


This is not possible to do unless you first seek to understand the full context of the business and how it operates. That’s where our discovery and consultation practice comes into play.


Business Value

SecurIT identifies any identity-related risk to the business through an initial audit of your Access Management environment inclusive of roles, responsibilities, and existing policies.


Our Identity Access Management Maturity Advisory Program (IAM MAP) prioritizes these audit findings based on your business’ personalized risk profile. It also provides actionable steps to take to address each risk. IAM MAP is aligned with the latest security practices and standards to ensure your organization remains current and compliant.

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Good IAM posture doesn't happen alone, benefit from 20 years of IAM Advisement.

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By seeking first to understand the full context of your business, we bring a highly consultative approach to IAM program design.

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Our solution architects design an integrated Identity and Access Management solution that can seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of your business.

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The days of DIY IAM are long past. SecurIT can put your program design into practice accounting for IT complexities, compliance regulations, and security holes.

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Our tailored managed services and support offerings assure your IAM program with partnership, process, provisioning, and protection.

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