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There are multiple components that make up a modern IAM system including things like provisioning (or on-boarding), accounts management, identity governance, identification (or authentication), access control (or authorization) and identity federation.


IAM is a broad area that can be further divided into specific sub-components. For instance, account provisioning alone can have very different policies based on if they’re inbound or outbound. This could then splinter off into specific procedures around approval workflows , privileged accounts, credential management, and how individual users, groups, and roles are defined and controlled. Needless to say, the topic can be nuanced and complex making an integrated and fluid IAM design critical to long-term success.


Business Value

When Identity and Access Management (IAM) is done right, it can serve as a key catalyst in subsequent digital transformation initiatives. That’s because IAM grants individual digital identities with the right level of secure access to resources that span across disparate departments, locations, and devices.


Access Management as a security practice is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise. Though traditionally considered to be an IT function, IAM is increasingly aligned with HR and business-focused drivers.


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IAM is complex to manage. Success means creatively designed architecture with the right controls.

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By seeking first to understand the full context of your business, we bring a highly consultative approach to IAM program design.

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Our solution architects design an integrated Identity and Access Management solution that can seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of your business.

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The days of DIY IAM are long past. SecurIT can put your program design into practice accounting for IT complexities, compliance regulations, and security holes.

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Our tailored managed services and support offerings assure your IAM program with partnership, process, provisioning, and protection.

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