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Identity and Access Management (IAM) focuses on the people, digital identities, and privileged accounts tethered to an enterprise network. This discipline has been a key component in organizational security and compliance for decades, but has grown infinitely more important in recent years as cloud and mobile technologies have enabled the rise in remote work.


According to the 2020 Identity and Access Management Report, 89 percent of organizations acknowledge IAM as an increasingly important ingredient to their overall risk management and security posture. An IAM program must be a cross-functional priority of all organizational stakeholders—from the C-Suite to HR, to IT and security, to customers, employees, and contractors—as its risks and rewards reach into every corner of the business.


Since the beginning of SecurIT more than two decades ago, we’ve specialized in the nuanced world of IAM. We took this knowledge and translated it into a valuable, repeatable practice that delivers tangible business value.


The truth is, you don’t hire a handy-man when you really need a plumber. The same is true when it comes to IAM. A general security firm may be able to tell you what you need to do, but explaining exactly how to do it is a different story. 

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