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Identity + Access Management?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is not just a critical cog in your security wheel. It’s also inherently linked to business continuity and data compliance. Simply stated, IAM ensures that each person associated with your organization can access the systems and files they need, and nothing more, based on the context of their role.


IAM is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. It’s a continuous process that must be reevaluated as the business changes. For instance, the marketing department brings on a new employee who will need to access the shared drive. Based on their role, they would not need visibility into the company’s financial or HR data. In this scenario, the employee would be assigned a digital user identity authorizing access to the specific systems they need, and barring access to ones they don’t.


Adding new employees, promoting your current team, introducing a new application, opening a remote branch, or merging with another firm—each event, no matter how seemingly large or small, warrants an IAM tune-up.


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Identity and Access Management is a constantly evolving field. In 1999 when SecurIT first got its start, authorization was granted primarily through a username and a password. Now, two decades later as organizations migrate more of their physical infrastructures to the cloud, security policies that were once network-driven have become identity-driven. With more people working remotely, the corporate network is no longer confined to a data closet or accessed on-site between the hours of nine to five. The network expands across geographies, time zones, and devices making the need for IAM more critical than it’s ever been.

Defining and managing who has access to what type of data, understanding how that data is being used, and revoking access when it is no longer needed is essential to doing business in a predominately digital world. This translates into a greater need for complex authentication processes, including:


• multifactor and biometrics,

• on-demand provisioning, and

• context-based authorizations.


The costs of not having a strong IAM program in place are high, particularly as new regulations around data compliance and the use of personal information continue to up the ante.

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When you work with SecurIT, you are not enlisting the support of a security generalist. Our team has decades of first-hand experience working with heavily-regulated industries like finance, banking, healthcare, and government on their IAM programs. We are advisors by trade, managed providers by skill, and problem solvers by nature. Being vendor-agnostic means that we will always recommend the best solution for your organization, backed. Being vendor-selective means that the partners we do work with are trusted, vetted, and proven.

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Since the beginning of SecurIT more than two decades ago, we’ve specialized in the nuanced world of IAM. We took this knowledge and translated it into a valuable, repeatable practice that delivers tangible business value. Starting with discovery and consultation, moving to design and implementation, and maintaining your program through managed services and support—our commitment is backed by our experience and validated through our 20 years of IAM advisory experience.

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You don’t hire a handy-man when you really need a plumber. The same is true when it comes to IAM. A general security firm may be able to tell you what you need to do, but explaining exactly how to do it is a different story. SecurIT offers customized support throughout your entire user life cycle. This may mean enabling new users, retiring orphaned accounts, initiating password management systems, facilitating updates to role-based privileges and protocols, and so much more.

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Protecting your organization starts by securing the inside of your own network which is largely driven by a clear and consistent Access Management program. That’s why at SecurIT, we help you effectively manage the keys to your network kingdom, ensuring that the right person has the right level of access at the right time. Ultimately, we believe security should be silent. Working seamlessly in the background and only intervening if and when something goes wrong.

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