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Adopt a data-driven, risk-based approach to access management.

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What is
Identity Analytics and Intelligence?

Identity Analytics and Intelligence is the continuous process of evaluating and managing access decisions and access-related risk as context evolves.


Even with the right IAM and IGA tools and processes in place, the world is constantly changing and so is your business. What may be a great solution today could look totally different in six months as new people and applications are added to your network.

Identity analytics and intelligence takes a fresh look at your access management program two to four times a year to ensure it still reflects the way business actually operates. And if not, adjustments are made to keep security and compliance in check.


Business Value

Why Do I Need
Identity Intelligence?

There are several use cases that explain why your organization would benefit from Identity Analytics and Intelligence as a dynamic piece of the access management program.


1. Detect and Remove Excessive Permissions
Let’s say all managers are assigned the same permissions and one manager is careless with their password. This puts all of the manager accounts in jeopardy of being compromised. A Next-Gen SIEM would proactively monitor usage, correlate it back to each user profile, and ultimately determine the appropriate level of access needed.


2. Enable Risk-Based Access Clean-Up
The amount of data associated with an access certification review can be nothing short of massive. Next-Gen SIEM uses sophisticated peer group analysis techniques, behavioral analytics, and access monitoring to prioritize high-risk entitlements. This reduces the amount of data involved, allowing reviewers the time to thoughtfully consider each permission within its full context.


3. Monitor Privileged Account Usage
It should come as no surprise that privileged accounts are prime targets for attackers due to the high level of access they provide. A Next-Gen SIEM monitors for unusual behavior such as privilege escalations, data exfiltration, credential sharing, and account compromise. Once detected, swift action can be taken to prevent a security incident from occurring.


4. Detect Usage Anomalies Monitoring identity
Usage and validating it against the business’ broader security context can be easily conducted through behavioral analytics. This knowledge enables Next-Gen SIEM to quickly detect anomalies, such as users accessing resources not relevant to their role—a key indicator of account compromise.

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With decades of experience working with compliance-driven industries, SecurIT has established expertise in identifying and monitoring access-based risk through deep analytics and intelligence solutions.

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Let us help you keep track of access permissions and activities, while establishing a security context based on that information. This is done through a consistent and proven framework that is continually refined as best practices emerge.

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Through routine provisioning, we’ll detect any unusual activities associated with rogue, dormant, orphaned, and terminated accounts before credentials become compromised.

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Identity Analytics and Intelligence go hand-in-hand with safeguarding your user accounts. Risk-based clean-ups lead to an approximate revocation rate of 75%, reducing threat without impacting operations.

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