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Identity Governance + Administration?

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) integrates the policies defined by your Identity and Access Management (IAM) program with your operations, workflows, and procedures. IGA builds on your IAM framework, essentially putting those policies into practice. This helps companies mitigate risk and achieve compliance through standardized provisioning, auditing, and reporting.


IGA streamlines the management of all your digital identities, technology assets, and user access as part of the overall IAM framework. It’s tightly enmeshed in the function of HR, as this is the team typically responsible for managing personnel throughout each stage of employment. Account creation, password management, provisioning and deprovisioning of laptops—all of these activities must be planned for, implemented, and reviewed as employees join, leave, or move into new roles.


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Today’s networks are open, interconnected, and accessible from multiple locations and devices thanks to a cloud-based economy and the rise in telework. As a result, the number of digital identities and assets to monitor and manage has skyrocketed.


IGA streamlines and simplifies this process and can even automate privileges and policies based on identity to eliminate gaps or potential oversights. This is particularly important when an employee leaves the organization. If their credentials do not get revoked, their account becomes orphaned which becomes an open portal to malicious activity.

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With so much at stake from a risk and reputation standpoint, it is no longer cost-effective or efficient for companies to handle IGA solely on their own. SecurIT is your single source for identity and access management solutions with decades of experience working with highly compliant-based industries of all sizes.

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Working closely with HR, SecurIT will first seek to understand the current access management policies in place for each stage of the user lifecycle. We then help you architect an IGA program that integrates all accounts, endpoints, and associated applications. Your program is protected through ongoing support or can be fully offloaded through a managed services agreement.

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SecurIT will help you attain levels of identity assurance with enforced controls and defined workflows to ensure you always meet the latest compliance and audit requirements.

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Pursue the most efficient path toward identify-related risk mitigation. By automating the creation, management, and review of individual roles and rights, you remove the threat of orphaned accounts which can open the door to cyber attack.

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