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Privileged Access Management?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) authorizes and monitors privileged user activity within the corporate network. System administrators require a higher level of access to a company’s internal databases. They are called privileged users because their permissions extend beyond those granted to other employees.


PAM creates an unalterable audit trail for any privileged activity through session recording and encryption key rotation. It makes it possible to grant and revoke access as needed, and avoids the need for local system passwords. PAM keeps the organization safe from accidental and/or deliberate misuse of privileged access. If you liken your network to a hotel, your privileged users have a key to every room, much like Housekeeping would. However, they are not entitled to enter every room without permission. The facility’s security camera (or, your network’s PAM solution) maintains a watchful eye over any activity to ensure the expectations that come with privileged access are upheld.


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80 percent of advanced cyber-attacks involve the escalation of privileged access accounts. It is the common denominator in nearly every serious breach. Bad actors almost always target a privileged user’s credentials in order to enter and move freely across the network. In larger organizations, the number of privileged users is typically higher which, in turn, correlates to a higher level of risk.


As remote work continues to normalize around the world, IT business leaders are adapting to a cornucopia of new complexity. The network perimeter has expanded which means so has the attack surface. If privileged credentials become compromised, an attacker has what they need to access servers, steal data, or even hijack the entire environment through a domain controller. This is why a PAM solution is one of the most critical risk mitigation weapons in your arsenal. The bottom line is: if you can block privilege escalation, you can block the attack.

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With decades of experience working in heavily-audited industries, SecurIT has established expertise in Privileged Access Management. Our knowledge, skills, and partnerships within this nuanced space translates into tangible business value.

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Through discovery, design, and managed services, we’ll help you enhance your organization’s overall security posture by determining who, how, and when privileged account users can access the network.

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SecurIT will help you continuously monitor and adjust entitlements as needed through a transparent PAM program that folds into your company’s full Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy.

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Keep attackers out of the heart of your enterprise by only allowing trusted individuals to modify system configurations, install software, change user accounts, or access secure data.

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