The Passwordless web is coming

The FIDO alliance is now one of the most influential cross-industry alliance. It launched its FIDO UAF and U2F standard in 2014, recently the FIDO2 specification.

Yubico helped to create FIDO2 to extend the FIDO standard beyond external security keys to include new built-in fingerprint readers and facial recognition technologies.

The promise is to have a solution for MFA that does not need drivers or software to be installed on systems, protection against man in the middle attacks and that the need for passwords are coming to an end. All of this with a low operational support cost and portable everywhere – used for corporate login but also as a consumer.

In this authentication landscape, the YubiKey takes on the important role of a root of trust. As users move between different platforms and computing devices, having this portable root of trust is essential for enabling rapid bootstrapping on new devices and for recovering when devices are lost, stolen or replaced.

Many companies are embracing this technology which led to the recent announcements that Microsoft supports with the latest Windows 10 Windows Hello and Edge. Also Google turned Android 7+ Phones into FIDO2 devices and +500 companies are certified, also Yubico’s newest security keys support FIDO2 for a while.

Join us in this webinar where we will present and demonstrate:

  • The opportunity for companies using FIDO2 for MFA
  • How consumers can benefit
  • How you can enable FIDO2 support for your web and mobile applications
  • What the concern and limitations are
  • The YubiKey, the portable root of trust
  • The impact of enabling FIDO2 support
  • Integration with legacy systems

Practical information

When: 20 June 2019
Where: Webinar
How late: 15:00 CET (not GMT!!)

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