New Access Management for Flemish Authorities (25/02/2013)

January 30, 2014

A central service platform allows for shared Access Control Management (ACM) across the sites.

As a trusted partner, SecurIT helped the Flemish Government design and deploy the new platform (called ACM3) with important capabilities to fulfill the future vision of the Flemish Authorities. In addition to a flexible architecture to accommodate future changes, other capabilities now include the introduction of new internal and external applications, flexibility in how citizens prove their identities, and the ability to grant access based on the role or persona of the user at a particular point in time.

The new ACM3 platform offers a substantial value to the Flemish Authorities:


ACM3 is also a major step forward for the Flemish Authorities in being prepared for the digital world of tomorrow. It provides seamless interaction between multiple domains, and can easily cope with a fast changing environment for user identification, both within the government’s realm and with upcoming Cloud and Mobile prospects.

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