Protect your Data

October 7, 2014

Data breaches or theft are in 99% of the cases caused by abuse of privileged accounts, such as (domain) administrators, Root, DBA etc. Hackers always go after these accounts because they know they have a lot of access. Today's perimeter defense is not good enough to protect your data. Preventive controls such as firewalls, proxies, etc. are required to keep the bad guys out, but we also know they can be breached.

Once a malicious someone can get hold of a privileged account, you cannot trace them anymore because they will look legitimate, you need proactive controls such as the CyberArk solution.

The CyberArk Privileged Account Security solution is built to manage all privileged accounts such as administrators, root accounts, device accounts, cloud accounts, etc. The solution is designed to store the passwords in a highly secured patented Digital Vault and to automate the lifecycle management for passwords of such accounts.

Once these privileged accounts are under control of the CyberArk solution, a process can be installed to manage the use of these accounts for administrative purposes.

This process can exist out of two variations:

Additionally the solution will track all activities related to a password or session release and provide a full audit trail of all account usage. This audit trail is valuable to auditors and security professionals and provides a significant help to prove compliance either to external regulations, internal policies, adopted best practices or industry standards.

Besides the above-mentioned features, many more valuable options exist in the solution such as, but not limited to:

On top of this, CyberArk delivers a Privileged Threat Analytics solution that will help you to spot on the fly suspicious behavior of people using privileged accounts. Remember, once an attacker can get a hold of a privileged account it’s 5 to 12, time to react !

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