Use your Smartphone to improve Security (25/02/2013)

January 30, 2014

TrustFactor™ is an out-of-the-box authentication and transaction validation solution using mobile devices in combination with TrustBuilder. TrustFactor runs on all major mobile devices and provides three authentication and transaction validation options within one application:

Push Notification is an extremely user-friendly feature which can be used for out-of-band authentication and transaction validation purposes. The critical data in a transaction is picked-up by TrustBuilder and sent to the TrustFactor App on the User's mobile device, asking confirmation of the transaction in a simple and user friendly way. With a low cost of entry, this provides an efficient method to enhance security and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

TrustFactor turns your mobile device into a strong authentication solution providing an easy way of validating and digitally signing your transactions (e.g bank transfers, password reset attempts, etc.). By using an out-of-band mobile channel, it deals effectively with all common attacks known today, without sacrificing user convenience.

At the core of the solution, TrustBuilder Server allows easy configuration of the policies for using any of the options provided via TrustFactor. The new version 6.0 contains ready-made workflows to accommodate common use cases as well as automation of the user registration and TrustFactor activation. This provides a fast, seamless and cost effective integration into an organization’s business application environment.

“With TrustBuilder and TrustFactor we offer companies one stop shopping for their authentication needs”, says Marc Vanmaele, CEO of SecurIT, “we help companies increase the productivity of users, decrease the number of helpdesk password reset calls, improve security and ensure compliance with regulations and laws”.

TrustFactor is available from March 1st, 2013.

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