In 2005, Mark and his co-founders set out to create a new type of company – one that promised to provide innovative solutions to business problems and an exciting, collaborative work environment for identity rock stars. Together, we’re redefining identity’s place in the security ecosystem.

Sailpoint loves taking on new challenges that seem daunting to others. They hold themselves to the highest standards, and deliver upon their promises to their customers. They bring out the best in each other, and they’re having a lot of fun along the way.

Focus on identity, driven by integrity

SailPoint’s success is directly tied to their Core Values, also known as the “Four I’s”: Innovation, Integrity, Impact, and Individuals. These are cornerstones to their corporate culture, and because they are independent of scale, they have served them well from their early das as a startup through today as a fast-growing global company.

Innovation: Developing creative solutions to real challenges.

Their products and services deliver unique, compelling value to their customers and partners. In fact, they expect to have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line. They passionately strive to help their customers run their companies betters and faster. Their success breeds Sailpoint’s success.

Integrity: Delivering on the commitments we make.

They understand what is expected of them and ensure that they have the resources to meet or beat that expectation. Because they empower their employees to do the right thing and place a high value on open communications, every person who works in or with their company knows they can depends on them to do what they say they’ll do.

Impact: Measuring and rewarding results, not activity.

They believe effort should not be confused with progress. They ensure that every person in their company understands what success looks like and how to get there. People succeed here based on the delivery of measurable results. And they expect people on their team to deliver those great results with a great attitude.

Individuals: Valuing every person at SailPoint.

They believe that the single greatest asset of a software company is people. By treating everyone in their company as a person, not a number, they create a work environment that is responsive to needs both on and off the job. They take their business very seriously, but maintain a healthy sense of balance in their lives.

Do you know who’s accessing your data?

You should. Especially if your organization is using tools like Office 365Box en ServiceNow. And how about AWS? Yes, that too.

Data breaches are serious and traditional security has found its limits with digital transformation. Add data privacy regulations to the mix, and it all might be driving you crazy.

But SailPoint has been doing this for over a decade and we’ve got it figured out. We can help you step up your security and make it easier to manage at the same time.

The answer is cloud identity governance.

What exactly is cloud identity governance?

The concept is really pretty simple. Cloud identity governance makes it possible to see and control user access to all your applications and data — in the cloud and on-premises. It helps your organization stay secure and compliant at the same time.

Cloud identity governance helps you answer three critical questions:

  • Who has access to your applications and files?
  • What they can do with that access?
  • How is that access being used?

Here’s how it works. You decide what rules should be followed when determining who does and doesn’t get access. Then as users come on-board, change roles and projects, access is granted or updated to give them just what they need to get the job done. And if they leave the organization, all access is immediately turned off.

Access policies and reports make it easy to demonstrate your compliance to auditors. And best of all, it suggests tasks that you can safely automate — meaning fewer headaches, huge savings and a lot more productivity.

How is security different with SailPoint?

Our latest innovation, SailPoint Predictive Identity™, uses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver next-generation identity. It connects to all applications and data in even the most complex, hybrid IT environment and learns how your organization works to provide recommendations that help you make smart access decisions.

With more breaches originating from stolen credentials and even authorized users, an intelligent cloud identity governance platform has become your best defense.

It integrates with hundreds of applications and tools such as ServiceNow and Workday; making it a breeze to streamline IT-related work like employee onboarding, offboarding and helpdesk ticket requests.

Supercharge your security by also integrating with tools such as Okta, CyberArk and Splunk to manage and control access consistently across applications.

How our intelligent cloud identity platform works

Our intelligent cloud identity governance platform allows you to connect and centrally control access to every application, file folder and cloud platform across your hybrid IT environment. In fact, we connect to practically any application and file share out there — including those new slick cloud apps and those old ones your organization created internally eons ago. This enables you to easily roll out self-service capabilities so your users can request their own access to the tools they need and take care of their own password resets resulting in fewer helpdesk calls, happier users and big savings in cost and time.

Sailpoint implementation partner

Onze focus ligt op Identity & Access Management en we streven er altijd naar om de beste service en IAM-oplossingen te bieden voor onze klanten.

SecurIT is a certified Sailpoint reseller, and whether you are looking for Sailpoint consultancy, Sailpoint licenses and/or Sailpoint implementation, Sailpoint Identity and Access management, we always deliver high-quality services and support (24/7).


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