Ideiio has industry experts who have come together with the bright idea of making identity lifecycle management simpler for their customers.

Ideiio appreciates that you have your hands full without the extra headache of user security. They’ve designed an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform that can be used by all. No matter what your role or the number of identities you need to control, the ideiio platform delivers identity lifecycle management in the most intuitive way.

Why choose ideiio?

Customers pick ideiio because it makes them feel confident in both ideiio’s technical abilities and our understanding of their needs. Whether you have an existing identity management platform or are coming at this new, ideiio makes it their job to keep the process simple. Ideiio listens to your needs and make sure that you feel in control when we handover the platform.

Ideiio is control
ideiio allows you to take control of the user lifecycle, with easily configured workflows access in accordance with your policies and procedures.

Ideiio is cost efficient
The ideiio solution is not only deployed quickly, but also provides huge benefits at a manageable price.
Ideiio is inclusion
ideiio allows you to manage all of your staff, contractors and external users in a single, secure and intuitive system.
Ideiio is integration
Ideiio offers pain-free integration to other platforms and applications.
Ideiio is compliance
Ideiio satisfies internal audit requirements to strengthen your security posture and reduce risk.


Ideiio is empowerment
Ideiio lightens the load on HR and IT by automating repetitive tasks and empowering users to manage their own identity.

Ideiio implementation partner

Our primary focus is on Identity & Access Management, and we always strive to provide the best service and IAM solutions for our customers.

SecurIT is a ideiio reseller, and whether you are looking for ideiio consultancy, ideiio licenses and/or ideiio implementation/integration, we always deliver high-quality services and support (24/7). 


We go the extra mile

We support our clients throughout the entire process. Don’t worry about a thing, we are here for you beyond project completion.  References are available on request. Start your IAM solution and contact us today!

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