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RSA Aveksa’s leadership in Identity and Access Governance (“IAG”) will help our customers ensure that users have appropriate and secure access to applications from within the enterprise or the cloud. Maintaining compliance with regulatory guidelines is critical – whether it’s SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, or any of the other security regulations that may be applicable to your firm and industry. RSA Aveksa’s purpose-built architecture provides the functionality needed to efficiently meet compliance standards while concurrently delivering access to business users. Very often, access review processes are poorly documented (if at all) and often manual. Access reviews can take multiple weeks to complete using cumbersome spreadsheets, with multiple participants and infrequent violation checks. With RSA Aveksa your organization can easily automate access certification, reporting, user entitlement remediation and change validation to create an efficient and seamless review process. Access changes resulting from review processes are easily made through service desk integration or provisioning solutions like ISIM. Together with all of our trusted technology partners we can offer you a complete set of solutions. Please check our product site for more information.

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RSA delivers a unified, business-driven approach to security and integrated risk management—one that positions your organization to thrive in the face of rapidly changing digital risks.


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Our primary focus is on Identity & Access Management, and we always strive to provide the best service and IAM solutions for our customers. 

SecurIT is a certified RSA reseller, and whether you are looking for RS consultancy, RS licenses and/or RSA implementation, RSA Identity and Access management, we always deliver high-quality services and support (24/7).

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