TrustBuilder is a European solution provider of a state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. The company came to existence in December 2017 as a successor to the systems integrator company SecurIT, bringing on board almost 20 years of experience in implementing IAM solutions. Its TrustBuilder IDHub is an innovative approach towards an IAM solution that can tackle all challenges today’s Web- and API-Access Management tools face, but remains user-friendly and flexible regarding a company’s requirements.

Based in Belgium, the heart of Europe, the company’s customers currently supervise more than 40.000.000 digital user identities.

Trustbuilder as solution

In today’s digital and interconnected world, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) of a company’s network has become a complex task. Businesses are no longer centralised, but have become an ecosystem of daughter companies, suppliers and partners.

The Mobile workforce, equipped with digital mobile devices, is expanding. The same applies to inter company communication as just-in-time production increases. Furthermore, a growing number of customers are buying online and expects online services.

Trustbuilder Identity Hub as IAM tool 

This demands for a solution that can deal with on-premise and cloud applications, as well as with pre-defined users (employees and customers) as with users who want to bring their own identity (e.g. consumers). To tackle all these requirements, TrustBuilder Identity Hub was developed as a highly effective, user-friendly and trustworthy IAM tool that – for the first time – combines attribute-based access control with cloud access management. TrustBuilder Identity Hub takes care of the complete IAM use cycle, can easily be integrated into existing security assets, and allows to enrich user identity with context aware information.

TrustBuilder implementation partner

Our primary focus is on Identity & Access Management, and we always strive to provide the best service and IAM solutions for our customers. 

TrustBuilder was founded in 1999 as SecurIT, and transformed to TrustBuilder Corporation in December 2017. SecurIT still works closely with TrustBuilder.

SecurIT is a certified TrustBuilder reseller, and whether you are looking for TrustBuilder consultancy, TrustBuilder licenses and/or TrustBuilder implementation, TrustBuilder Identity and Access management, we always deliver high-quality services and support (24/7).


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