SecurIT has appointed a new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President of SecurIT

The CEO of SecurIT, Rob Bus, announced that the company’s current General Manager/Vice President of North America Kent McKown was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President of SecurIT effective the 1st of May.

Previously, Kent has played a vital role in the recent acquisition of PSG and the follow-on integration into SecurIT. In his new role, Kent will focus on the day-to-day operation on both continents working with the VP/General Manager in Europe, Ricardo Kowsoleea, and the VP Global Business Development, Terrah Carawan.

Regarding the appointment, SecurIT CEO Rob Bus said: “Kent’s appointment will further allow me to focus on the strategic direction of the company, key clients, partnerships and strategic alliances and investor relations. Kent will specifically focus on the development and execution of the business plan; working with the leadership team to ensure cohesiveness, traction and values alignment throughout the global organization. Kent and I will also work collaboratively on all leadership and strategic matters of SecurIT.”

Before his most recent position, Kent has led five growth companies as CEO/COO/President. Kent was responsible for clarifying vision and setting the strategic direction to ensure the consistent profit growth and risk reduction; developing a reliable leadership team with the right mix of abilities that shared similar values; and creating visibility of critical measurements to ensure traction, cadence, and accountability. Kent’s past successes have been primarily a result of an organization consistent of a committed team with shared values with a sincere desire to grow themselves and their clients. Significant growth in profits and revenue were a result of these significant achieved initiatives.

Kent earned a Bachelor of Arts from the Citadel and a Bachelor of Business Administration – from National University. He previously served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps and resigned his commission as a Captain in 1992.

SecurIT Is a global cybersecurity company focused on designing, implementing, and maintaining large Identity & Access Management / Governance infrastructures. We operate in Europe and North America.

The company always strive to provide the best service and IAM solutions for our customers. SecurIT offers its customers high-quality consultancy, solutions, and support services (24/7).

Kent McKown

TrustBuilder’s latest update enables enhanced identity and access management for Docker and adds new features to support GDPR compliance

TrustBuilder Corporation, the leading IT security solution company for Identity and Access Management, has updated its flagship application, the TrustBuilder Identity Hub (TrustBuilder IDHub) – a state-of-the-art identity and access management tool. The new version introduces wider support across a range of applications and services including the world’s leading enterprise container platform, Docker, new functionality to support GDPR compliance, and a new, integrated workflow.

TrustBuilder ID Hub is a highly effective, user-friendly and trustworthy Identity and Access Management (IAM) tool that combines attribute-based access control with cloud identity and access management. It can deal with both on-premise and cloud applications while catering for pre-defined users and those who want to use their own identity.

Marc Vanmaele, CEO of TrustBuilder said:

“While an increasing number of organizations throughout Europe begin to take advantage of the agility and flexibility that cloud and third party services offer, it is becoming more complex to manage customer identity and user access. Applications or services can be made up of multiple elements, and can be accessed by users on a number of devices.

“The latest version of TrustBuilder IDHub will help reduce the incidences of inappropriate access to cloud resources, while offering simple, flexible and effective identity and access management across our customers’ applications and services.”

Scaling Access Permissions Simply and Centrally with Docker
Docker offers enterprises flexibility with the ability to deploy applications on-demand, but it has also introduced layers of complexity. While a number of practices can be applied, Docker and container managers like Kubernetes and Openshift require a centralized and consistent approach to security. By extending support to Docker, TrustBuilder will enable organizations to control access permissions
centrally and scale identity and access management to millions of users.

Supporting GDPR Compliance
The latest version of TrustBuilder IDHub and TrustBuilder for mobile introduces tools specifically designed to ease GDPR compliance by enabling corporations to gather, record, and manage customer consent.
When a user tries to log onto a company’s application that is protected by TrustBuilder IDHub, they will now be invited to have their data recorded and tracked in line with GDPR. This will also be extended to proxied apps, while the new version adds support to manage Mobile or Web API applications.

For simple reporting, TrustBuilder IDHub will now generate events that can be used to simplify auditing and reporting on compliance. These group together user activity such as authentication, authorization, log-out and session updates, and will be available to extract via a selectable workflow which can process and store these auditing events. This will make data more accessible for auditing, and easier
to interpret within user analytics activities.

Transaction Signing with TrustBuilder for Mobile
The new version introduces Transaction Signing for TrustBuilder for Mobile, the simple, secure application that enables users to authenticate their identity via a mobile device. An increasing number of mobile banking transactions require an additional authorisation factor to ensure security. While Transaction Signing is well established, its use is set to increase as banks and financial institutions prepare for the EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which will enforce strong customer authentication for certain transactions from September 2019. The latest version enables users to manage Transaction Signing through the platform.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub version 9.4 also introduces:

  • Improved Workflow Designer
    TrustBuilder IDHub has been designed to offer customers a simple, secure login experience. This new version extends this user friendliness to the administrators, featuring major improvements to integrated workflow design that will make TrustBuilder IDHub more intuitive and easy to use.
  • New Graphical Interface
    This new version is subject to a graphical update to the user interface. This update will improve the overall look and feel of TrustBuilder IDHub, and integrate the improved Workflow Designer into the Administrator’s portal.

Source Trustbuilder

SecurIT acquires Palmetto Security Group to form a new global player in the Identity and Access market

Amsterdam, Greenville SC, July 24, 2018. SecurIT B.V. announces the acquisition of the Greenville, South Carolina based Palmetto Security Group, LLC (PSG). Both companies focus on the Identity and Access Management (IAM) challenges that all organizations face today. In this fast-changing, specialized domain of the security industry, in-depth and broad knowledge of available solutions, technologies and standards makes the difference. With the combined, unrivaled expertise of SecurIT and PSG a new global player arises that will be able to help global customers with both advisory services as well as implementation and support services for IAM solutions of industry leading vendors like IBM, CyberArk, TrustBuilder, Ping, Omada and Okta.

SecurIT and PSG are announcing the merger of their business operations to offer Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions organizations globally. SecurIT has acquired the PSG assets, talent and customer contracts and the merged business will operate under the SecurIT brand.

PSG, founded in 2005, delivers IAM expertise that empowers large organizations to make business critical applications available to their IT users with ease, while maturing their security posture. Its rich heritage in IAM and combined with long-standing partnerships with IBM provided a market leading proposition.

Rob Bus, CEO/Owner of SecurIT commented “With this acquisition we not only expand geographically, but we also substantially enlarge our offerings, skillset and customer base, creating evident benefits and opportunities for all stakeholders. We are very proud that the specialists of PSG join our team. Combined we will form a team of over 60 specialists in this fascinating security domain.”

“PSG offers an exciting opportunity for SecurIT to continue growing as the market globally” explains Terrah Carawan, CEO of PSG. “With this expansion of talent and solution offerings, the acquisition of PSG enables a single business partner to mature the Identity and Access Management of global organizations as they face security challenges in this technology advanced era”.

SecurIT is an IAM solutions provider and systems integrator based in Amsterdam, Netherlands with customers throughout Europe and the US. It has been solely focused on advancing the IAM capabilities for organizations since the year 1999. Since its inception, SecurIT’s business and service offerings have evolved to meet the growing security demands of the dynamic and maturing enterprise market. To be the market leading systems integrator in IAM solutions, SecurIT has made client partnership the central element to everything that it does.

Contact info:
Name: Rob Bus, CEO
Organization: SecurIT B.V.
Address: Overschiestraat 184-K, 1062 XK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)20 408 44 27

Name: Terrah Carawan, VP Worldwide Business Development
Organization: SecurIT USA, Inc.
Address: 10 Patewood Drive, Suite 250, Greenville, SC 29615
Phone: + 1 (866) 310-9540

New partnership with Okta

Today we proudly present our new partnership with Okta. We think Okta is a great addition to our current solution providers, being one of the biggest IAM cloud solution providers. Okta has a high rating in Gartners Magic Quadrant for Access Management.

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to both secure and manage their extended enterprise, and transform their customers’ experiences. With over 5,500 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, Okta customers can easily and securely adopt the technologies they need to fulfill their missions. Over 4,000 organizations, including 20th Century Fox, JetBlue, Nordstrom, Slack, Teach for America and Twilio trust Okta to securely connect their people and technology.

Thousands of customers and millions of people use Okta every day. Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. It’s a service that gives employees, customers, and partners secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work.

Want to hear more about the IAM solutions Okta has to offer? Give us a call.

SecurIT Belgium has been renamed to TrustBuilder Corporation

Our Belgium sister company SecurIT b.v.b.a. has some exciting news to share with you. Just before 2018 they announced that SecurIT b.v.b.a will be renamed to TrustBuilder Corporation N.V.
Which means that their main focus will be further developing and selling the product. TrustBuilder Corporation in Gent and SecurIT in Amsterdam will remain sister companies.

The name and type of the company have but changed but it’s not a new company. This means all existing contracts will remain unchanged. All customers and suppliers will be notified about this change.

To achieve the short term goals for 2018 a new board of directors has been formed for TrustBuilder Corporation in Gent:

Walter Beyen                   President of the Board

Marc Vanmaele               Board member and CEO

Nils Meulemans               Board member

Rob Bus                           Board member

Jan Valcke                        Board member (independent, non-shareholder)

The mission of SecurIT in Amsterdam will remain unchanged: Selling, implementing and supporting the best Identity & Access Management software of third parties such as: IBM, CyberArk and TrustBuilder.

For more information regarding this change and TrustBuilder, please visit:

For the full press release, please download the following PDF: