Privileged accounts and the access they provide represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. These powerful accounts exist in every piece of hardware and software on a network. When employed properly, privileged accounts are used to maintain systems, facilitate automated processes, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure business continuity. But in the wrong hands these accounts can be used to steal sensitive data and cause irreparable damage to the business.

Privileged accounts are exploited in nearly every cyber-attack. Bad actors can use privileged accounts to disable security systems, to take control of critical IT infrastructure, and to gain access to confidential business data and personal information. Organizations face a number of challenges protecting, controlling, and monitoring privileged access including:
• Managing account credentials. Many IT organizations rely on manually intensive, error-prone administrative processes to rotate and update privileged credentials—an inefficient, risky and costly approach.
• Tracking privileged activity. Many enterprises cannot centrally monitor and control privileged sessions, exposing the business to security threats and compliance violations.
Monitoring and analyzing threats.
Many organizations lack comprehensive threat analysis tools and are unable to proactively identify suspicious activities and remediate security incidents.
Controlling Privileged User Access.
Organizations often struggle to effectively control privileged user access to cloud platforms (IaaS a PaaS), SaaS applications, social media and more; creating compliance risks and operational complexity.
Protecting Windows domain controllers.
Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the Kerberos authentication protocol to impersonate authorized users and gain access to critical IT resources and confidential data.




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