Nowadays, customer experience is high on the priority list. Especially when it comes to the convenience of ordering a product. You prefer to fill something in, and you have the product in one click the next day. Comfort should also be possible on various devices (think of a laptop and a tablet or a phone). At the same time, the focus on security- and privacy concerns peaked as well.  

In this environment, where ease of use is an important reason to attract customers and retain them, developers desire to obtain more customer data. With this data, they can further optimize the application to achieve even higher customer satisfaction.

However, there is also a downside to this data hunger. There is a greater responsibility to secure this kind of data. In these times of more massive data breaches and on top of that stricter rules to follow, the GDPR is not the sole responsibility of developers to keep the data safe. How can you ensure that the data that you acquired is protected by legislation?

Protect acquired data according to legislation with CIAM

 CIAM can help! A good, scalable CIAM solution includes all the features needed for safe and efficient customer identity management and its associated access. It regards:

Customer registration: CIAM solutions offer several possibilities for identifying a user identity. For example, you can use social media accounts for registration and self-service registration to ensure a hassle-free registration.  

Authentication & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): CIAM makes it possible to implement authentication mechanisms such as adaptive authentication, MFA, and social logins to strengthen the authentication process.

Compliance: Developers can implement authorization policies through CIAM to minimize data shared with third parties and be compliant with data privacy rules such as the GDPR.


CIAM makes managing digital identities as easy, secure, and streamlined as possible and providing an optimal experience to your new and existing customers. All that, and you also make sure that you comply with the current GDPR rules.

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) is ideally suited to provide the necessary support to developers in this fast-moving world.

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