SecurIT helps with preventive measures against COVID-19 virus

Healthcare is working intensively to help everyone in society in these bizarre times of the corona crisis. At the same time, criminals abuse the situation by digitally attacking healthcare institutions and healthcare providers, for example by distributing ransomware or sending spam. We find this unbelievable and take action by uniting in the Dutch coalition “We Help Hospitals” to protect Dutch healthcare institutions free of charge against digital attacks during times of the corona crisis.

The COVID-19 virus attacks our immune system. We try to limit the damage as much as possible by taking the correct preventive measures in time. Matters such as mouth masks, disinfectants, respiratory equipment and the care surrounding it are essential, otherwise, the pandemic is incalculable.

Just as COVID-19, there are continuous security attacks that test the immunity of every organization. The right combination of preventive measures can make the difference between the simple flu for your organization or a total lockdown with all its consequences.

SecurIT helps with preventive measures against COVID-19 virus 2

As with the COVID-19 virus, security threats are present. We all know that sooner or later we will be confronted with this.

The question is how are we prepared for this? SecurIT is the healthcare provider with years of experience. We are the doctor that you want to have at your bedside to prevent your organization from ending up in an irreparable emergency.

What we can do for you

Situation Why should you bother? The solution that we could provide
Working safely from home (for home workers, but also third parties) Office network is a trusted environment. But how about home network, home wifi and unmanaged devices? Offer secure access to company network & apps Secure Remote Access (CyberArk is needed)
Prevent Security breaches caused by malware/ransomware and attackers that are abusing the corona virus to hack Over 80% of ransomware attacks starts from some clicking on phishing mail. Virus scanners do not always detect this. How to prevent ransomware? Endpoint protection & Privileged Account Security
Secure password usage (or no password usage at all) A large majority of successful cyberattacks are due to stolen or compromised passwords. Make sure your employees are using strong passwords for all of their work accounts, are not reusing passwords, and are using multi-factor authentication (2FA) on all websites, applications, and systems that support it Password Manager & Multi-factor authentication

Do not wait until it is too late, contact us now.*

*If you are a Healthcare organization outside The Netherlands or if you are NOT a healthcare organization at all, please let us know as well, and we’ll check the possibilities with you to help you where we can.