We look back at a successful day at the Heliview IAM congress 2018 . A combination of inspiring sessions about what’s hot in the IAM landscape. The day was divided in three different themes: Getting the basics right and get in control, IAM scalability and flexibility in different IAM infrastructures (hybrid, cloud and on-prem), Future ready IAM. For our presentation we focused on the second theme.

Peter Giervield, Security Architect at SecurIT was one of the speakers. Our presentation was about “Getting the Cloud under control” and SecurIT’s Best Practices. SecurIT’s best practices (SBP) is a method we use to help our clients with the whole IAM project. It’s basically a basic installation based of all the previous expertise, where 90% is preset and 10% can be customized. It speeds up the process to get to the first actual production deployment. It’s optional, custom projects will always be possible, they just require more time.

He also talked about the cloud, and how “the cloud” doesn’t exist, as in one single cloud. There are many different cloud solutions such as Private, Public or Hybrid clouds. But also, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/FaaS/MSaaS and XaaS with all kinds of different deployment models. Currently we notice that clients mostly look at the following vendors: Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud), Microsoft (Azure), IBM (IBM Cloud), Digital Ocean etc.

On the exhibition floor there were many different IAM solution providers pitching their solutions. We were able to tell people about our company as implementation partner of different IAM solutions. And how we differentiate ourselves from other implementation partners. Mainly by having a permanent staff in a business where knowledge sharing is key and the 18 years experience we bring with us.

We hope to see you at our next events. Got any questions? Give us a call.

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