Business security solutions

Our company was founded in 1999. Since then we have become the market leading systems integrator in the Identity Access Management space in Europe. In order to solve all your IAM problems we primarily use IBM and CyberArk Business security solutions, complemented with our own software products.

One of our most popular products is the TrustBuilder® - User Authentication and D-man™ - Network Monitoring tool. Like all great products, its idea is really quite simple. Discover all there is to know about it by contacting us. In order to provide for your custom-made business security solutions we have access to a worldwide partner network.

Business security solutions are a challenging domain. Over time, SecurIT has managed to build up expansive knowledge. Our experts combine this knowhow with various methods and tools, so that they can deliver the best security solutions. Our identity and access management solutions are helping some of the largest institutions across the world.

  • Access Management solutions

    Access Management (AM) is a subcategory of the broader Identity management systems. It controls access to resources, providing Authentication Management, Policy-based Authorizations, Audit & Reporting Services (optional) and Single sign-on Convenience.

  • Identity management solutions

    Our Identity Management solutions will help automating many of the security processes that are part of or embedded in your business processes. It will help gaining enormous efficiency benefits in the whole identity lifecycle process from onboarding and offboarding to user self service, password resets, and more.