Access Control

Access Management is a subcategory of the broader Identity management space. Access Management controls access to resources, providing:

  • Authentication Management
  • Policy-based Authorizations
  • Audit & Reporting Services (optional)
  • Single sign-on Convenience

SecurIT offers 2 solutions to address the Access Control requirements:

IBM Security Access Manager for Web (formerly IBM Tivoli® Access Manager for e-business) combines user access management and web application protection into a highly scalable user authentication, authorization and web single sign-on solution. IBM Security Access Manager for Web safeguards user access to online applications and helps protect them against advanced web threats.

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Access control used to be simple: users are grouped in some way – whether hierarchical in groups or functional in roles – and subsequently entitlements are mapped on such groupings, determining the access rights of the user involved, often in a static way.

In the perimeter-less world of today this model is no longer sufficient to cope with the requirements of new cloud-based environments and a multitude of user devices, including BYOD mobile platforms. Context became an important factor in determining a user’s access rights, often different on a session basis depending on time, place, persona and platform characteristics.

TrustBuilder Identity Hub now provides an alternative with a flexible and workflow-based architecture. The TrustBuilder Portal combined with a new authorization engine accommodates attribute based access control, taking context into account, resulting in actions like step-up authentication, a layered security model involving additional verifications and the ability to invoke steps to strengthen the protection of critical data in a transaction.

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