Federation & Cloud

Identity Hub

Traditional Federation Services, whereby an application relies on a Service Provider (SP) to direct users to an Identity Provider (IdP) for authentication, are becoming more and more commodity. Not only do we see an increase in usage of Federation Services across the enterprise boundaries, but also within organisations federation is being used more often as an alternative for Single Sign On.

But with this increase in the number of applications that rely on an Identity Provider, comes an increase in what these applications expect from the Identity provider with regard to authentication mechanisms, policy and strength. TrustBuilder now provides a solution to deploy an Identity Hub, a system that will dynamically direct the user to the Identity Provider best matching the authentication requirements.

Identity in the Cloud

While the OAuth specification is primarily aimed at providing authorisation within federated environments, more and more cloud based authentication providers use it for authentication. The latest release of TrustBuilder can be used to provide OAuth based SSO to resources protected by ISAM or any other WAM based solution. This allows such Service Providers to transparently integrate with Identity Providers that support OAuth (regardless of the vendor) and offer SSO to their customers.

Business benefits

  • Dynamically select the appropriate IdP for every business case

  • Seamlessly integrate with Cloud-based Identity providers

  • Change choices over time without impacting the applications environment

  • Centralized approach reducing costs and increasing control.