Token Services

Software and (mobile) token generators are mostly obtained from a third party store, such as the Apple iStore. You need to link them to a user at the application provider side before being useful for authentication purposes. Our TrustBuilder-server offers a platform that takes care of the complete usage cycle. This ranges from validating the user’s identity; registration; activation and ongoing administration of the token, to validating the token at authentication time. TrustBuilder’s workflow based policy engine will allow to easily integrate with existing security assets in your organization. This means: lowering the barrier significantly from a cost and time-to-market perspective.

In addition – once a user has been authenticated – TrustBuilder allows to easily extend the user’s identity with context aware information, such as attributes or dynamic role assignment. Thus in order to manage access to applications and resources, effectively addressing the security risks of mobile and online applications. TrustBuilder supports four types of tokens:

  • Hardware: little devices that users carry along
  • Software: active plug-ins in browsers (for example applet, ActiveX)
  • Mobile: mobile application for Smartphone
  • SMS: SMS sent to mobile phone