Secure monitoring solutions

Many Corporations have created e-business environments with web servers, applications servers, combined with a security framework, and realize that availability and scalability is of vital importance for the business.

Traditional secure monitoring systems were initially designed to monitor internal processes and applications mainly from a technical point of view, they don’t pay too much attention to infrastructural security  and the end-user’s perspective.

SecurIT has designed and built a monitoring solution for Distributed e-Business Environments with exactly these aspects in mind. D-Man Distributed monitoring for e-Business environments.

What D-Man does

Several interacting components like Access Management Systems, legacy systems, repositories, application servers, security zones, etc. could cause the overall system to fail. A monitoring system is only suitable for e-Business environments if it is able to check the health and status of each of these components individually as well as their interaction. The monitoring system should be able to notice any problem before It can harm the end-user. So it has to act pro-actively and from the perspective of the end-user in line with the security policies. This is what D-Man does.

The D-Man Monitoring Suite has been designed to cope with the special monitoring requirements associated with a complex environment, either on a standalone basis or integrated with existing management frameworks. It is helping IT-Administrators isolating and solving IT problems appropriately as well as end-to-end Monitoring of business applications to identify service outage before it effects the end-users.