Identity and access governance (I&A)

In order to control your identity and access governance (I&A Governance) we use RSA Aveksa products. Based on experience with hundreds of organizations worldwide, RSA Aveksa recommends a phased approach to access governance, built on a solid foundation of unified identity data. With the use of RSA Aveksa you will automate the identity lifecycle to meet security, efficiency, and compliance goals.

Challenge your organization

Governing access to data is an enormous challenge for organizations. There is often no easy way to understand where the data resides, who in the business has ownership of the data and who is entitled to access it. Data Access Governance by RSA Aveksa enables a sustainable identity and access governance model by providing the visibility, monitoring, certification, remediation and reporting of user access permissions to data. With RSA Aveksa you are able to:

  • Gain visibility of ownership and user entitlements
  • Automate the data access certification process for your lines-of-business
  • Remediate inappropriate access and put in place a consistent methodology for group-based access to file shares
  • Enable a closed-loop validation process for change to data access permissions
  • Determine whether access policy and control objectives are being met
  • Manage data access risk and provide auditable evidence of compliance

Intelligent ownership & accountability

All aspects are captured in a product that has a scalable architecture and an enterprise-wide visibility. Ownership & accountability, as well as access certification, are regulated in a clear and automated ‘intelligent’ way.

“I&A management is no longer the IT team’s problem. Today, many people across business, IT, audit, risk and compliance need to do their part in a well-orchestrated process framework that supports identity and access governance. And yet, despite this governance and process, we are left with complex infrastructures and a broad scope of incomprehensive tools and legacy issues. RSA Aveksa has build the right solution: a system that is coherent and intelligence-driven. It is based on centralized intelligence and distributed execution- intelligence about users and information resources that’s captured in automated policies, orchestrated workflows and decision support so that people can make the decisions they are accountable for. This intelligence is critical because it informs every person, process and technology across the entire organization.”

– Deepak Taneja, Founder and CTO of Aveksa