The advantages of user self service

In many companies these days a large amount of the helpdesk calls is related to the resetting of passwords and unlocking accounts for end-users instead of using a so-called user self service. The account is either an Active Directory (AD) account, a system and/or an (Web)application account. In this case, calling in the helpdesk has several drawbacks. For example:

  • It may take a while before the request is processed. During that time the user cannot access the network, system or application
  • While helpdesk functions are often outsourced, relatively simple problems like password resets and account unlocks contribute a lot to the (large) amount of helpdesk costs
  • It poses a security risk when there is no protocol in place at the helpdesk to authenticate the user requesting a password reset or account unlock

One way to overcome these drawbacks would be to give the user the ability to solve the problem himself. This can be done using a self service facility in your existing IBM Security Identity Manager infrastructure.

Everyday use cases

Users can easily deal with everyday use cases – like locked accounts or notifications of passwords that are about to expire – themselves. Our solution is easy to carry through, while based on the standard ISIM self service functionality. As of version 5.0 a self service user interface (UI) has been added to ISIM to allow end-users to perform a configurable number of self service activities, among which changing password(s).