Privileged Account Management

The new battleground for information security is inside your network.

Perimeter security, such as firewalls and anti-malware, remain a necessary and important component of every security strategy. However, the perpetrators of advanced, targeted threats are aggressively breaking through the perimeter. Patient, cunning, and armed with the resources to succeed, they will eventually find their way inside your organization. In addition, a “rogue insider” with legitimate access may abuse trusted privileges. Whether the threat originates externally or with a malicious insider, attackers will lay in wait as long as necessary to gain access to valuable assets, resulting in damaged reputations, financial losses, and stolen intellectual property.

How do advanced attackers find their way to the heart of your enterprise? The pathway is the privileged account. Attackers prefer to leverage privileged accounts where possible, such as domain administrators, service accounts with domain privilege, local administrator accounts, and privileged user accounts.


Privilege is the one constant in the cyber attack lifecycle. In fact, 100% of advanced cyber attacks involve the escalation of privilege. It is the common denominator in nearly every serious attack, and the reason is clear: Attackers need the credentials of an insider to move around and achieve their goals. Without credentials, an attacker’s ability to move across the network is blocked.

Credentials—and, in particular, privileged credentials—give attackers the permissions necessary to access servers and steal data or go after the domain controllers and take control of the IT environment. If you block privilege escalation, you block the attack.

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